Forum Thread: How to Clear All Cache in Windows 10 ! [2018]

  1. Go to the disk where you have the Windows installation.
  2. Open Software Distribution and then click on Download
  3. Now delete everything.
  4. Now open the Start menu, open Run and type %temp%.
  5. Delete everything here as well.
  6. Open Run again and type prefetch
  7. Delete everything
  8. Open Run again and type wsreset
  9. This will reset your Windows store. Just let it finish
  10. Open Microsoft Edge and go to Settings.
  11. Click on Choose what to clear and choose everything.
  12. Now click on Clear.
  13. Open the Start menu, click on Settings and go to Privacy.
  14. Click on Location and then click on Clear.
  15. Open cmd and type "ipconfig/flushDNS"
  16. Open the Start menu and then open Disk Cleanup.
  17. Check everything and click on OK.
  18. Open the Start menu and type Restore point.
  19. Click on Configure and then on Delete.
  20. Click on Create, type a name for the new restore point and that's it.

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