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In today's digital world we continuously create and share documents with others. Whether it is a manual, portfolio, magazines, books, etc. everything is shared online on a large scale. But, the main thing that should be to keep in mind while sharing the documents is the file security. Therefore, people usually prefer PDF files for sharing the files, because PDF files can be easily protected with password, restrictions, and watermark. Basically, watermark represents the document in a standard format for the specific company or organization. But, many times users find that they can't add watermark to PDF and hence, searched for the respective solution. Here, in this blog post, we have described the best solution using which watermark can be easily inserted without any difficulty. But, before that let's know it more clearly why users are unable to add watermark in PDF.

User Queries:

"One of my colleagues send me an email with PDF attachments and he assigned me a task to add watermark to PDF attachments. To carry out this process I have tried Adobe Acrobat X Pro application. But, whenever I open the PDF and trying to apply watermark I am getting the error message "An error was encountered while retrieving page content." I don't know the exact reason behind the issue. I have also checked that Adobe Acrobat, as well as Windows OS, are updated. Is there any file corruption issues or any other reason? Can anyone tell me why I can't add watermark to PDF?"

"My manager assigned me a task to create a time-sheet with watermark for all his employees who should fill it and send him back. For this, I decided to use any simple utility which can add watermark to PDF file without any hassle. So, I asked my colleague and he suggested me to an online solution. I searched for many online utilities, but unable to find any reliable solution. Does anyone know the simple solution? Thanks!!"

*Reasons Why Users Can't Add Watermark to PDF Document*

One of the main reasons due to which people are unable to add watermark in PDF document is the security. When the files are protected or restricted users cannot perform any modifications in the document. As a result, they can't add watermark to secured PDF. Therefore, to resolve such problem it is needed to remove PDF security first and for that SysTools PDF Restriction Remover can be used. This is the simple utility that can remove all restrictions from PDF files. Once, the file gets unprotected watermark can be easily inserted. Therefore, in the next section, we have described the simple method which can be used to add watermark to PDF document.

Insert Watermark in PDF with SysTools PDF Watermark Creator

Free PDF watermark Creator tool provided by SysTools can be used to apply any image or text watermark on PDF documents without any file formatting. The tool provides the option to customize the color, size, and placement of the watermark. Moreover, the user doesn't have to worry about the image format for the watermarking purpose. Any type of image can be used for watermark creation. Also, in order to adjust the transparency level of the watermark once can easily set the transparency level. Higher the transparency level lighter the image will appear and vice-versa.

Steps to Apply Watermark in PDF Documents

1- Download the software to add watermark to secured PDF files
2- Click the watermark option and click either Text or Image
3- Click Add File or Add Folder option to insert PDF files
4- Then, Add text for the watermark and set its color, position, size and transparency level
5- Choose destination location to save the watermarked PDF document
6- View Summary report containing all watermark details
7- A confirmation message is shown to the user


One of the easiest ways to improve the security is by adding watermark to PDF files. These watermarks are very important when confidential documents need to be printed or shared. But, at times users find that they can't add watermark to PDF document due to security. In protected PDF documents one cannot perform any task therefore, it is required to remove security. Therefore, in this blog post, we have described the best solution using which PDF files can be unprotected. Along with this, we have also covered the best approach that can add watermark to secured PDF files.

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