Forum Thread: How to Merge Different PDF Files into One Single Pdf File

Short tutorial about the PDF merge module of PDFsam v3, a free and open source software to merge PDF documents.

Merge PDF files by selecting and arranging the ones you want to combine, using the selection table. Drag and drop files on it or click Add to add documents. Use the buttons Move Up and Move Up or the context menu entries to arrange the documents order.

You can merge PDF files together or just select some of their pages, to do that double click on the Page ranges cell and specify the pages you want to merge, i.e. if don't need the whole document but you only want to merge some pages. Pages can be specified in the form of comma separated page ranges like 2-13,17 if you need pages from 2 to 13 and page 17. You can use the syntax 20- if you need pages from page 20 to the end of the document.

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