Forum Thread: How to Remove Password Protection of PDF File After Opening?

Know some easy methods to remove password security from PDF documents.

PDF is one of the most popular file formats for sending and receiving information over the internet. To prevent PDF documents from unauthorized accessing and misusing, users are likely to set the passwords on them. But, sometimes it becomes very annoying to enter the password again and again when users try to access secured PDF frequently. Thus, in such cases, users start searching the solutions for how to remove password protection of PDF file after opening. Hence, if you are also one of those users who wants to remove PDF password security permanently then, you certainly landed on the right solution page. Here, we are going to reveal some manual as well as automatic techniques for the same. So, let us get started!

*#Fix 1: Unlock Password Protected PDF by Using Adobe Acrobat*

Adobe Acrobat application allows users to remove both user and owner-level password security from PDF. Follow below-mentioned steps:

1- If File is Protected with User Level Password Security Follow these steps:
2- Select Protect option from native tools in Adobe Acrobat and open it
3- Click on the Encrypt menu in the toolbar and select Remove Security option
Now, enter the user password to unlock the PDF and then, the password will be removed instantly

If File is protected with Owner Level Password Security

1- Open the PDF file* in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
2- Click the lock icon present at the left side of the window
3- Click on the Permission Details
4- Click the Security Method box, choose No Security option
5- Enter the permission password when asked, and click OK
6- Now, close the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC windows and you'll be asked to save your change
7- After completing the above steps, a user can remove password protection of PDF file permanently.


Quick and easy method, only a few clicks are required
Remove open and owner password at the same time

Licensed version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is needed to use the feature

#Fix 2: Remove Password Protection of PDF File with Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a PDF viewer freeware tool that allows users to open, read, and edit PDF documents. One can use this software to remove PDF password security and below are the steps to do so:

1- Open the secured PDF file with Adobe Reader via entering the user password
2- Now, click on the File tab and choose Print option. This will prompt a print dialog box
3- Select Microsoft Print to PDF as a printer then, click on the Print button
4- After this, a user can easily access secured PDF without entering any password


The feature does not requires to pay anything


If PDF is restricted from printing then, the feature is useless

#Fix 3: Unlock Password Protected PDF via Google Chrome

There are many web browsers that incorporate an inbuilt PDF viewer so, they allow users to open and view PDF files. Google Chrome is one of them and we also can use it to access secured PDF. Follow below-mentioned steps:

1- Drag and drop the PDF document into Google Chrome
2- Now, enter the open password to access PDF file
3- Click on Print icon and it will display the print dialog box
4- Here, choose Save as PDF button and click on Save
5- Select a location to save the output file
6- A new PDF file without password protection will be exported now


Free method and Adobe software is not required


It will be useless if PDF has been restricted from printing

#Fix 4: Professional Approach to Remove Password Protection of PDF File

SysTools PDF Unlocker is a quick and safest solution to unlock password protected PDF files. It allows users to remove owner-level and user-level password security from PDF files. It can remove security from PDF document in few simple clicks. Below are the working steps of software:

1- Install and launch Adobe PDF Unlocker tool
2- Add the PDF file to remove the restrictions
3- Now, preview Permission Status of PDF document

4- Browse destination location and after clicking unlock PDF button if the file is password protected then enter it. Then, the tool remove security password from PDF permanently


There are many users who are annoyed by the procedure of entering the password each time while opening the same PDF file. Thus, they want to unlock password protected PDF file. Considering the queries of users that how to remove password protection of PDF file after opening, we have come up with this tutorial. Here, we have discussed some techniques to execute the task without any data loss. As the manual methods comprise of some highly technical knowledge. So, we recommend users to opt for automatic solution as their first approach.

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This tool is splendid yet works solidly with the pdf's crafted with Adobe products, as far as I noticed. For example, I tried to create a protected document with Foxit Phantom and then unlock it to print with this one, but no luck. For such purposes this thing should come in use as well it's crafted easily so might well don't work with the pdf's of every size and complexion, but for some cases when the Unlocker doesn't do a thing this one is pretty handy

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