How To: Bored with Your Surface Pro? BlueStacks Lets You Run Any Android App on Windows 8

Bored with Your Surface Pro? BlueStacks Lets You Run Any Android App on Windows 8

Now that the Surface Pro is out, you can game your heart out and get down with some serious Minecrafting. You're not just limited to downloading apps in the Windows Store anymore, like with the Surface RT. You can install a lot of Windows-compatible programs on the Surface Pro, but still, with this being a mobile device, it'd be nice to have some more mobile-feeling apps. And thanks to BlueStacks, you can.

BlueStacks has helped people without Androids and iPhones get popular apps on their devices, and even lets you run full versions of Android operating systems on your PC. Now, BlueStacks is helping Surface Pro owners bring their favorite Android apps to their newly purchased device.

Instead of being relegated to the small offering of Windows 8 ready apps, you can use the BlueStacks app player to gain access to their massive library. Just download the BlueStacks player for your Surface Pro from their webpage.

Note: Blue Stacks Player is not compatible with the Surface RT or any other RT device. Also, since most Android apps were not optimized for the Surface Pro, they may not run as smoothly or take advantage of the hardware installed or screen size of the device.

Regardless, if you own a Surface Pro and want to do more with it, BlueStacks is a great way to go. Lower resolution is a small price to pay for having access to thousands of great applications.

Have you used BlueStacks on your Surface Pro? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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I tried this on my surface pro tablet and it didnt work? + website in video goes to am error page. Has programme crashed?

I keep seeing this being said, that Android apps work on the surface pro 3. This, is NOT true, by any means. I seen it work on you tube i guess, but when i try it, i get ERROR after ERROR. Why? I have bluestacks, follow the exact method, not working. Does anyone know why? i also seen someone, running NOVA LAUNCHER on their pro 3. along with windows 8. I dont get it. help me if someone can. am i doing something wrong??

i actually got his to work. BUT i can not get into google play store, i couldnt get it to stop running and for a FEW MINUTES, i thought i was SCREWED. what the heck. how can you let something onto your site that could possibly destroy some ones surface pro 3? answers please.. i couldnt get the time to change, apps to run, damn near broke my soul. hmmmm? wonderhowto? i wonder how you...

if you want an android device, BUY ONE OR BUILD ONE!! as for developers like myself, we generally use emulators, not to run the whole OS but just to compile our code and test basic things for dev reasons! i mean theoretically it IS possible to do but you would pretty much have to be running a complete translator (ie emulator) that emulates literally EVERYTHING, on ALL basic android registers as WELL as being able to run win8-10 on , more than likely those same registers!! and yes its TECHNICALLY possible, but why would one bother, if you dont believe me look at the evolution from the very 1st Amiga system emulator and what they are now....

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