How To: Set Up Parental Controls with the Family Safety Settings in Windows 8

Set Up Parental Controls with the Family Safety Settings in Windows 8

The internet is full of information and entertainment, but if you have children, you might want to put a cap on what sites they have access to. While it may be a free world out there, it doesn't mean that little Mickey should be free to roam the web during his downtime (or uptime, if you know what I mean).

This video tutorial from Computeractive will show you exactly how you can access the Family Safety settings panel in Windows 8. With Family Safety enabled, you can turn on child-browsing, add blocked sites, set restrictions for games in the Windows Store, and even set a timer for how long a child can use the computer on any given day. You must be an administrator on your computer to access these settings.

To reach the Family Settings menu from the Start Screen, go to Charms Bar -> Search and select the Settings search option, then search for Family Safety and click on Set up Family Safety for any user from the results.

From the traditional desktop, go the Charms Bar -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Users Accounts and Family Safety -> Family Safety -> Set up Family Safety for any user.

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