News: The Best Mac Torrent Client, Transmission, Is Finally Available for Windows

The Best Mac Torrent Client, Transmission, Is Finally Available for Windows

Windows users have looked on with envy at Mac owners wrangling torrents with ease for years. Now, finally, a new Windows torrent client is making downloads easier, safer, and more customizable.

Transmission, a go-to torrent client for Mac and Linux users since its creation in 2005, has finally released a Windows version.

Once downloaded, just run the installer file and you'll be up-and-running with Transmission in a couple of minutes.

The open-source application contains all of the features that drew Mac and Linux users to Transmission in the past. For starters, it's completely free of ads.

Privacy is also a hallmark, with encryption available and a magnet URI scheme. There's also more user control with regards to prioritizing downloads, as well as the ability to control transfers remotely through their web client's interface controls.

The Windows release isn't totally official, as developers have expressed that they're still fine-tuning the version to incorporate even more features—hence why you won't see a download link through official channels just yet.

Those looking to grab a version to give it a test run can visit the site's file list and scroll to the bottom to find the 32-bit and 64-bit versions (or just grab the links from above).

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