News: Microsoft Opens Its First Flagship Store in New York City

Microsoft Opens Its First Flagship Store in New York City

Apple isn't the only retailer that can boast futuristic-looking storefronts.

Microsoft has been opening stores for more than five years, flaunting a contemporary vibe that consumers know all too well. Now, the computer giant has officially opened its first-ever flagship store in New York City, to the delight of Microsoft fans everywhere.

You can find the store at Fifth Avenue between 53rd and 54th Street if you're strolling through the Big Apple. Flagship stores have been in the making for six years, according to Microsoft. The company is set to open its location in Sydney, Australia, on November 12.

"One of our goals, since we started the stores in 2009, was to have a real marquee location where we could bring an expanded retail presence," said Kelly Soligon, general manager of Worldwide Marketing for Microsoft Retail and Online Stores.

Microsoft says that its Sydney and New York City flagship stores will feature an Answer Desk (think "Genius Bar") and a Community Theater where consumers can learn more about products through video walls.

The five-floor New York City flagship store is more than 22,000 square feet in size.

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