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Forum Thread: OST Recovery Made Easy with EdbMails OST to PST Tool

OST files are often thought of as an Offline copy of your Exchange mailbox. They allow you to continue working even when not connected to the internet and sync all the changes that you make in Outlook with Exchange once the connectivity to Exchange is restored. However like any other database the Exchange OST file can also get corrupted and put all the data stored inside it in jeopardy.

Forum Thread: My Windows 10 Computer Keeps Cancelling Things

When I try to open up the Windows taskbar with mouse, it will just cancel out that action. Like, if I click the Windows symbol on the taskbar, it will open up and quickly close it back even though I only clicked it once. Furthermore, if I try to open the taskbar with the Windows key on the keyboard, it will either open up with no problem or it will not open up, so I have to angrily spam the key just for it to open. The problem with the mouse is the same when I try to open up things like the s...

Forum Thread: Any Tips and Tricks?

So the military is swapping over to these right now and its brand new to a lot of us. Do you have any keyboard shortcuts that really help you out? These are pretty locked down so any changes that would need admin access is out of the question. Heck I am surprised I can change out my desktop lol.

Forum Thread: Laptop Audio Jack Low Volume and Muffled Sound When Watching Media but Sounds Completely Fine on System Sounds

hello. I have a lenovo v310 and when connect headphones or earbuds to my audio jack system sounds are completely normal but anything else like music or youtube is very low volume and sounds like its underwater. I tried uninstalling and downloading latest drivers from the lenovo website but it didnt work. Changing anything in realtek audio manager doesnt seem to help either. help pls

Forum Thread: Maybe Windows Should Warn Users When an Update Is Going to Take 45 Minutes?

Windows usually only takes a couple minutes to do an update. Today I rebooted my machine because it was acting up and now I'm sitting here waiting for it to update (20 minutes in and I'm at 26%). I'm imagining the millions of hours of lost productivity because Microsoft doesn't consider warning users that an update will be particularly long, nor does it allow them to restart without updating.

PSA: If You're Having Issues Activating the SIM in Your New Phone,

Spent a couple hours trying to activate the SIM in my new phone to no avail. , Try Putting Your Watch in Airplane Mode and Restarting Your Phone. Verizon couldn't figure it out, just saying it could take "up to 2 hours." After getting disconnected from Verizon support, it occurred to me this might be caused by my cellular Watch. I put it in airplane mode and restarted the phone. Within 3 minutes of being on, the phone was activated.

Forum Thread: Moving MBOX Files to PST

As a user of Mozilla Thunderbird, all my mails saved in MBOX file format. Due to change of my working environment i have to move all my old MBOX mails into PST. So looking for a solution which helps me to move all my mails from stored Thunderbird location to my new Outlook profile. Need help

Forum Thread: Database in Dbase

I'm using Dbase IV during many years. But yesterday I opened my database and I got: Table Mine32.dbf has become corrupted. After that I repeated the procedure, but it didn't assist me. I've no idea what to do next, I hope some experienced users might help.

Forum Thread: Prompt to Me How to Open the File Necessary to Me.

Hi people. I here the newcomer and in computers and and different programs too. I need your help. I wrote article in the new MSWord 2013 version and today the whole day tried to open it and nothing was impossible. And all I do not want to perform work again. Maybe here somebody knows as to open for me my Word file writes such error: Word document is corrupted.I am a balgodarna anyway for attention and please do not think of me badly I not stupid.

Forum Thread: Error 0xC000021a Windows 10

Hi, I am running windows 10 and a two weeks ago, windows updated and restarted to apply the updates. after restart it crashed and showed this screen i can't login or safemode, i tried to boot with hardware signature disabled which showed the same screen. however i can open the cmd.

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