Forum Thread: Working with Windows 10 Is Like Fighting Hidden Monsters. I Don't Play Video Games. I Write Books.

OK. I had to get a new laptop. The old one crashed (motherboard blue screens) I HATE Windows 8 so I upgraded immediately to 10. But using it is like fighting hidden monsters.

1.) Aaaaaaagh! How do I turn off Zooming? I use the touch-pad but zooming is ridiculously sensitive.

2.) Aaaaaagh! Stop the popups. When one is typing in a window, most of the activity occurs at the bottom near the taskbar. But if you get too close, the items pinned to the taskbar open up and cover up what I am trying to type!

3.) Aaaaagh! When I hover my mouse over something, I DON"T want to open it up unless I deliberately click on it. This behavior persists even after all the mousepad gestures are turned off!

4.) Aaaaagh! When I cut something or copy it I don't need some some symbols popping up to indicate I have text in the buffer that cover up what I am typing. I KNOW I just cut or copied something! How do I get rid of that?

5.) I have been using computers since BEFORE Windows. My first computer was even earlier than an IBM PC. It used DOS. II don't need all the prompts and advice and "For-Dummies" stuff to get in my way. How do I turn all of that off and JUST TYPE!!!!

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