How To: Fix the Executable File Association Virus in Windows

Fix the Executable File Association Virus in Windows

The executable file association virus deletes the "Regkey" that associates ".exe" files with the proper Windows execution. The virus can be contracted while browsing the web, from an infected file, or even from pictures and documents. Once the damage is done, Windows will show a window similar to the one below, and will ask you for the correct program with which to open the file.

An acceptable metaphor would be your clothing drawers, where the chest represents Windows, and the clothing the files. Let's say pants represents the ".exe" file type. When you look for your pants, you first look in the place you left them while organizing your clothes. This is what Windows does when looking for the correct execution for the ".exe" file. If it cannot find it, Windows will ask you where to look. To fix this, we must re-associate the ".exe" file to the correct execution. By reinserting the "Regkey" into Windows, we can fix the issue.

How to Fix the Executable File Association Virus in Windows

Step 1 Download Regkey

The "Regkey" is readily available online, and here is the ZIP file you'll need. Once downloaded, extract the file.

Step 2 Install Regkey

Double-click the extracted file and accept the "Regkey" administrative control.


  • Ensure you have administrative rights.


  • Don't install Regkey unless you know for sure that you've been infected.
  • I am not responsible for any damage you cause your computer.

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Good article. Did not realize it was that simple. My daughter's computer had this problem about 6 weeks ago. We finally ended up using the restore disks to take it back to factory default.

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